Business practices

Exclusivity agreement
When choosing an agency to represent you with the sale of you property you need to sign a simple agreement called order of sale. If in the order of sale is negotiated that only one agency is entitled to represent the sale of your property for certain period of time then you have entered into an exclusivity agreement with that agency. Such an agreement could be beneficial both for you and the agency. Кееп the following in mind:

  • The exclusivity agreement not solely gives right to the agency to represent you exclusively but by doing so it bounds the agency with more responsibilities regarding the sale than the usual order of sale contact does. Nevertheless a broker that works on an exclusive offer is inclined and stimulated to make the extra step often necessary to close the deal.
  • The commision in cases when exclusivity agreement is signed is lower.
  • Entering into and exclusivity agreement with an agency can save you much hassle and unnecessary obligations. Furthermore the price you are asking would be guaranteed on the market. You won’t get confusing information from different sources.

Searching for properties
Take a look at our website offers. If you spot a property that you like send us an email or directly use the contact phone number to ask the leading broker specific questions about the offer. Share as much deatils about your search as possible so we would be able to offer you the best service possible. Your time is valuable to us.

Property reservation
You need to make a deposit. That will guarantee that the property in mind will not be offered for sale any longer and the seller is bound to transfer the property to you at the negotiated price. 

Paying the commission
The commission is paid in total when the transaction is sealed thought signing of a preliminary contract. It is three percent of the transition. With exclusivity agreement the commission is two percent of the transaction.

Commission paid by investors when the agency manages deals with owners of residential plots
In case like these the commission is based on the specifics of the particular work and is determined by the investor and the agency.

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Business practices

Exclusivity agreementWhen choosing an agency to represent you with the sale of you property you need to sign a simple agreement called order of ...

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